Dear All

I am an India qualified lawyer with a 5 year LL.B degree from a law school appearing within Top 5 rankings in India. I have 8 years of experience of advising PE funds, VC funds for their structuring, set up and regulatory needs as a part of a tier I law firm in Mumbai.

While I am not exactly bored of corporate / law firm I now wish to try something new and am thinking of exploring higher education in Singapore. I am not very sure of whether it is worth it or not. I am open to both a career in academics or litigation practice/law firm job.

I am not very aware of the scope of an Indian lawyer having a 7/8 years PQE in Singapore. I think NUS seems to be the preferred option and i am inclined to study securities laws given my past experience. I need help on:

Do you think it is worth taking the loan?

Do you Singapore job market/teaching market is open to an expat Indian lawyer for jobs? Will I get outshined by LLMs from UK/USA if Singaporean employers prefer western education over a local LLM?

Please let me ...any suggestion is welcomed and i would be happy to consume any and all advice.