First week at NYU!

By ivan2006 in NYU - Class of 2007 on Aug 23, 2006

Hi everyone,

First of all, I think this is a great initiative from llm-guide and I hope the on-going information I can share with you can be somehow useful for the students that are planning to apply for admission at NYU.

This week we have started our "Introduction to US Law" and it has been really demanding so far, specially because the course is only 1-week long (differently than Columbia, whose "introduction" course takes 2 weeks), so we have classes all day long (from 10 to 16:30, sometimes 17:30). Besides, there are a lot of assignments (case readings, briefings, essays on certain law) and there is almost no time to enjoy the neighborhood. But it has been a great experience so far - all the LLM candidates have a strong international profile and very interesting backgrounds. I am still struggling to remember all the names of the people I know (without success), but it is just the beginning of a very exciting year.

Oh, I was almost forgetting it: the Village is just great! Great restaurants, lots of young people on the street, cozy cafés... Definitely, a great place to be entretained - and to study as well, of course.

I´ll try to submit a new post later this week.



Fernanda, Apr 10, 2007 21:17

Dear Ivan,

I work for a search firm in Brazil and I would like to know the names and contact information of the Brazilians doing their LLM at NYU.
Would you know how I can find this information?

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Best regards,


Sassi, Aug 24, 2006 21:55

It's exciting to hear! Please keep blogging! What is your major?

Moritz, Aug 23, 2006 20:49

Hello Ivan2006, I'm from Switzerland and I plan to apply to NYU next year. It's great to get some inside info by someone who is actually enrolled in the program. So keep us posted and have fun in the Village!

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