By PUCCA in UCL LLM 2009/2010 experience. Right from the beginning until graduation! on May 31, 2010

Okkk now i finally understood why we only take 4 subjects and one of them is the dissertation. 3 exams is more than enough believe me!

so much to study,,,so many case studies,,books, publications etc,,,,that was a little bit too much for only a few months of study but well its over now.

All 3 exams lasted 3 hours each and believe me sometimes its not even enough for all the info you should cover,,,i usually spent most of my 2 and a half hours in the first 2 questions and then 30 minutes in the last one.

The first exam was Int. Human Rights law and you had to choose 3 questions from around 11,,,,i chose the ones i felt i knew more and could write more about of course,,,it was long but i felt i did ok,,,not excellent just ok

 the second exam was law and policy of int. court and tribunals,,you had to chose 4 questions from around 11,,,so this meant answeering 4 long questions in only 3 hours,,it was not an easy task and i sure did my best to write as much as i could,,,i only spent like 20 minutes in the last question but i think i wrote the most important stuff required.

the third exam was international law of the sea...3 questions from around 11 as well,,3 hours and i was very nervous because i felt this was the most difficult exam of all,,i guess its because this subject was more difficult to me than the rest but well i also wrote a lot for the first 2 questions and then only had 15 to 20 minutes for the last question and didnt cover everything i wanted,,,i tried as much as a i could to only take one hour per question but it was not that easy since i first had to check what i was actually going to write about and make sure it make some sense!  

doing an exam in a foreign language is no joke,,,believe me you can know the language etc but its never the same as expressing yourself in your native language,,,i wish i could have written some bits in spanish hehe but well it wasnt possible.

however overall i felt i did an ok job,,once again i say ok not excellent because im only expecting to get a pass or something like not a distinction,,,i would love to but i try to be honest about what i did,,,i feel like i needed more time to study and more time to actually understand all the material that was given.

anyway dont worry youll do fine when your time comes,,i guess in my home country i wasnt use to studying that hard,,,british schools are way more strict thats for sure so i had to adjust myself to a new level of studying and effort.

well hope this brief exam review helps and now im ready to continue writing my dissertation,,well continue or starting writing it,,doesnt matter,,the thing is im going to do it and i want to finish by August 15 so i can have time to review it properly, upload it to the program they have to check you did not do any copy/paste from the internet, etc., print it and finally submit between August 30 and September 1 before noon, which is the last day to submit it. So i wont be writing that much until then,,,maybe just a few times to let you know how my dissertation is going but well its almost over guys,,wish me the best

oh almost forgot,,results are given until late October  :( its going to be very difficult to wait all that long but i have no other choice!

byeee     :))))))))))))


katie, Jun 24, 2010 16:03

Dear UCL grad,
I am in a similar dilemma, being accepted to both UCL and Edinburgh (but for MA in Phil). Do you wish you would have gone to Edinburgh? Also, what options do you now have as far as job, academics?

Loved your past reports on life in London...I also am from warm climate and don't look forward to the cold.

Green, Jun 03, 2010 05:55

uff I imagine it was difficult exams I wish you the best and dont worry u will b fine

c ya

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