Second week at UCL,,,,Formal lectures begin!

By PUCCA in UCL LLM 2009/2010 experience. Right from the beginning until graduation! on Oct 10, 2009

Well then the real thing finally begins!

Im taking International Human Rights Law, International Criminal Law (Im writing my dissertation on this subject), International Law of the Sea and Law and Policity of International Courts and Tribunals.

I have classes from Monday to Thursday. So one subject per day and the class lasts 2 hours.  Your timetable will sure vary depending on the subjects you take. You might end up having to go to uni 5 times per week or more if you are taking two or more 22.5 credit courses and maybe less if you have 2 subjects per day. It all depends on the subjects you choose.

 I was reallt sick this week so its was a very good week but also a bad one because i was not 100% into my studies but well i did my best.That usually happens to me when i move to a new country,,and well it rains a lot in london and its very cold already in October (12°C). In my country the temperature is between 28 and 35 degrees celsious the whole year so that gives you an idea how cold im feeling,,,,and its not even late November or December hehe but well whatever i can take it!

My impression so far its simply great,,,the teachers are nice, the courses are very well structured,,this is a very well organized uni and Im really happy to be here. Its only the 2nd week so i feel very positive and i intend to stay this way. No uni its perfect but it also depends on how positive or negative you want your experience to be. If its up to me i will make this the best year possible!

So far many people from the llm have gathered together two or three times. On Saturday i went to a lebanese restaurant and it was so crowded,,,it was very nice there and i had a lot of fun. I met a lot of people as well. They also went out yesterday night but i was too sick and i decided to stay home and rest. So yes its a nice and friendly environment here in UCL!

Well guys no more week to week thing,,,i might only write once per month and summarize my experience so far,,cause like i said we dont have much time,,and i want to complete my reading list, do some volunteering, take mandarin classes (oh yes) and have some fun why not?

But i will do my best to do a good summary so you can all know what it feels like ti be a llm student at UCL.

Bye bye everybody and good luck to those starting to make their applications for 2010/2011. I wish you the best and i hope this blog helps both people applying to UCL and people considering to apply there..and why not? people from other unis so they dont feel so lonely and find a place to read about being an llm student,,unis and people are different but we all got the same purpose,,,we are all in the same situation,,,its a lot of work but we can do it believe me!

I hope you enjoyed it and sorry for the manyyy mistakes,,,i write too fast sorry!


crowncourt, Nov 15, 2009 00:19

hiya, cant believe we r doing LLM n UCL n I hvnt met u yet. Im sure I wud r maybe I have n ddnt know twas u.

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