End of the 1st month-still going strong

By savannah in LLM Duke 2008 Fall Experience on Sep 08, 2007

Today we had a meeting with the career office, all the LL.Ms. They seemed to me to be encouraging as many people as possible to go back to their home countries once the LL.M is done with. I mean, 90% of the LL.Ms are worried about life in the U.S after the degree. But again the career office promised to help with interviewing tips and tried to give some raw data of the percentage of the LL.Ms the past years who got good positions. It was 50%, but they said the data was taken only two months after graduation, and they didnt update it. again, the 50% was not a bad number because most of LL.Ms went back to their home countries.

they are very positive about LL.Ms taking and passing the bar exam. they stressed the need to work hard and get good grades too.

returning to the issue of classes, the reading is getting heavier by the minute. i am trying not to accumulate stuff and to make notes at the end of each class- which is nearly impossible because we cover so much in an hour, and i was brave enough and not foolish, i hope, to take 13 credit hours this semester. Distinctive Aspects of U.S law is interesting as is the professor. He hands out huge documents before each class to be discussed in class. Business Associations is O.K, maybe because I come from a Common Law System and the principles are not really strange to me. Intellectual Property Rights has so much stuff to be read each time, huge textbooks, the professor is kinda not my taste, drones on in class in mono-tones, he is a smart experienced scholar but i dont like his disbursing information. Structured Commercial and Financial Transactions is very technical and problematic. the guy is interesting and knows his stuff, but the course, unless you enjoy stuff dealing with stocks and securities and receivables, is too technical for my liking. this exam will be multiple choice.

all the other exams will be open book.


Jammin, Dec 21, 2007 06:45

Hi Savannah, any other update? How were the exams? Thanks

Lit, Sep 11, 2007 10:08

Thanks for the updates Savannah, sounds like Duke is not all fun and games. Best of luck and hope you can just keep going.

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