First Semester is Over

By Jaan222 in UVA LL.M Experience on Dec 28, 2008

Dear all, I would like to share with you all my experience here at UVA. First semester is over. I still remember the day I arrived here in Charlottesville Virginia. The town is small but extremely beautiful, full of restaurants and cafes. The weather is pleasant, it is not hot in summer and in winter not that much cold, although it snows but until now i.e. Dec 27, no snow and weather is sunny.

Anyway regarding academics, this university is one of the largest universities in the US. Law School has received high rank and very good reputation. LL.M class is highly selective, 2008/2009 class consists only of 32 students. All students are accomplished persons in their life so it makes our experience a rich one. Law School administration is very helpful, they provide us with all facilities and we never had any complaint against them. Professors are highly distinguished and helpful. It is up to every individual student what he/she wants from this one year. We take classes with JD students where we can learn from them and add to their knowledge new things.

As for funding matters, Many students from our batch received partial tuition fee help from the law school, I am not sure what is gonna be the situation next year, but hopefully law school will be able to provide some assistance in form of partial tuition fee waiver. As for comparison with other law schools, I would like to clarify that there is not that much difference between top law school students when it come to job search, job hunting success depends on individual characteristics, however this year economy is so much bad and every one knows that, so it is almost impossible to find a job with a big law firm in the US but still there are chances and no body should get disappointed.

The most important thing about UVA is that intelligent students might get partial funding, Charlottesville city is cheap and one can live $800-$1000 very easily. University people are friendly and general environment is beautiful. I will encourage you guys to apply here if you have not done already as the deadline is Feb 1, 2009. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. I would like to make it clear that I am a student and just want to help out other prospect LL.M students, so my perspective is of only a student. I wish you all good luck with application process.      


Jaan222, Apr 11, 2009 01:12

Hello, guys, congratulations for admission offers. I would strongly encourage you to accept UVA offer as it is ranked better, it has better faculty and overall reputation is lot more better than Georgetown. You may have read past comments, Law school has very good faculty and attracts best professors of the nation. So I will encourage you to come here. as for class size, it really depends what kind of course you are taking, usually there are small classes, only some lecture classes have more students. The choice is up to individual preference. Usually LL.Ms are aged between 25-27, JDs are about 23-26. LL.M class is usually 30-40 students. There are tens of extracurricular activities one can participate in, The city has so many bars and restaurants that one is amazed by the life style of the city. So my advice is to come here. if you have specific question you can message me.

lauchainusa2009, Mar 30, 2009 23:10

Dear Jaan222,

I have been recently admitted to UVA.

I am concerned of the following issues:

1) Class size. Is better to be in a smaller class than a large one?

2) Average age?

3) Night life and extracurricular activities?

Thank you in advance!

Kwetch, Mar 15, 2009 14:32

Dear Jaan222,

I have been admitted to Georgetown and to UVA and I have some concerns to make my final decision. As I received Georgetown's acceptance letter a long time before the one of UVA, I was deeply convinced to go to Georgetown and spending one year in Washington sounds great. But since I know UVA decision and that they are able to offer me a grant, I am quite confused. I think both have good LLM in business law and are well ranked. The most reasonable choice seems to be UVA, especially on the financial part thanks to the fellowship, but it seems hard for me to decline Georgetown's offer.
Could you please give me your input re the LLM program focused on business & law, (if you have any), re the competition between the students, the student life (is there a lot of thing to do?) and everything that you think could help me?

Many thanks in advance


Jaan222, Mar 07, 2009 10:20

Dear meetmeannu!

Both are great law schools, you wont regret if you prefer one over the other, but at UVA you will have small LL.M class, plus it is a small and beautiful city, UPENN is in a big city and has a big LL.M class.............

Santa, Mar 05, 2009 16:18


I am a last year law student from Belgium, just admitted to the UVA LLM. Normally I will pursue the degree next year in Charlottesville, but I am a little bit concerned as I have no relevant working experience (except one summer internship at a magic circle law firm).

Would this be a problem for me? As probably most/all of the other LLMers have working experience and are end 20s, beginning of 30s.

Moreover, on the corporate law department how is UVA known? I know it's ranked high for International and IP, but can't find a lot concerning the corporate law department.

Thanks a lot for your insights!


meetmeannu, Feb 19, 2009 14:09

I have also applied for the UVA LL.M. and awaiting decision, hoever O also got offer from Upenn. What do you think Upenn Vs UVA?

Jaan222, Jan 20, 2009 21:31

Guys, first Natayala! The thing in job searching is that if you want to work with a big law firm, you should have some specific credentials. If you are from a country like Brazil or Germany you get lots of opportunities. or if you have some specific experience that is also helpful. still if you cant get a job with a big law firm, there are countless small law firms and always you can get an opportunity to work. if you just want to work one year then bar is not that much important but for permanent positions it is important.

OpinioJuris! the faculty is highly selective, the only thing is YOU have to study, that is the most important thing. The amenities in the law school are outstanding and we have lots of interesting events. it is up to you what courses you want to take but overall it is amazing.

withprayer..., Jan 18, 2009 15:31

Hi...thanks for the info. can u tell how is the faculty of U Va for antitrust law and corporate law in general. It would be helpful if you could draw a comparison with some other law school you may know say, GULC and Northwestern. Thanks!!

OpinioJuri..., Jan 06, 2009 11:59

May I inquire about the quality of the LLM Program at UVA Law School? What courses did you take during the fall term? What courses are you taking for the spring term? How would you assess the quality of the teaching and the intellectual rigor of the courses/program? What academic challenges do LLM students face at UVA? Thanks for the advice.

Natalya, Jan 02, 2009 02:32

Hi. your entry was very helpful. I am planning on applying to UVA for LL.M program, but I am very concerned about my job prospects in the US. Do you know anyone who can explain to me what are potential career choices after graduation with LL.M degree. Can someone be an attorney (without passing Bar Exam) with this degree? Your feedback will be the most helpful. Thanks.

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