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The University



Welcome to St. John's University. St. John's is one of America's leading Catholic universities recognized for its superb academic programs, diverse student life, BIG EAST excitement and New York vitality.

Founded in 1870 by the Vincentian Community, St. John's is known for giving students the knowledge, skills and confidence to serve others while achieving personal and professional success. Graduates become leaders in their professions, their communities and the world.

The Queens campus features broad lawns, handsome stone buildings, and state-of-the-art athletic facilities. Combining urban excitement with suburban tranquility, the campus is located in a leafy, residential area of one of the five boroughs, or counties, that make up New York City. Though students at St. John's often travel into Manhattan on weekends, they also enjoy shopping and fine restaurants within blocks of the campus.

The Law School



Celebrating 90 years of excellence in legal education, St. John's University School of Law has produced lawyers who have distinguished themselves in practice, government, and the judiciary. Among its graduates are former New York governors Mario Cuomo and Hugh Carey, Court of Appeals Judge Carmen Ciparick, and the School's former Dean and Court of Appeals Judge Joseph W. Bellacosa.

The School currently boasts more than 13,000 living graduates and attracts students from over 200 colleges and universities throughout the country. The current student body represents students from many backgrounds, all of whom have excelled in undergraduate institutions, and many of whom have been employed prior to starting their law studies. Today, the School of Law's original vision has widened to include students from all parts of the nation and the world who share a mutual commitment to the pursuit of excellence. The law school plays a prominent role in the New York City legal community, imbuing all that it does with the University's Vincentian tradition.

The Program



St. John's University School of Law offers four Master of Laws (LL.M.) degrees primarily related to the globalization of legal practice.

The LL.M. in International Sports Law Practice, a degree designed for U.S. and foreign attorneys with a passion for sports and a clear desire to practice in this rewarding global legal specialty. You will engage in a unique course of study consisting of a semester of highly focused and intensive academic courses at St. John's New York campus and a semester working full-time in a practice placement with a sports law firm, sport agency, team, league or regulatory body, either in the U.S. or overseas.

The LL.M. in Transnational Legal Practice is designed to train U.S. and foreign attorneys in the rapidly expanding cross-border practice of law, to educate global attorneys within the New York City legal community - the center of global legal practice - and to enhance non-native English speaking attorneys' skills in practicing law in English, the lingua franca of the global legal profession.

The LL.M. in U.S. Legal Studies is a focused program of study tailored to prepare foreign law school graduates to pass the New York Bar Exam and succeed in practice in this important jurisdiction. LL.M. programs across the U.S. claim to qualify students to take the New York Bar Exam. But if passing the New York Bar Exam is your goal, why go anywhere but St. John's, a thriving law school in New York?

The LL.M. in Bankruptcy. St. John's offers the only LL.M. in Bankruptcy degree in the nation. This highly successful program offers a wide array of specialized bankruptcy courses taught by leading practitioners, judges and academics. Our graduates practice with top firms and clerk for influential judges throughout the country. The LL.M. program is only one part of the nation's most extensive bankruptcy program -- a program that also includes the leading bankruptcy journal, the national bankruptcy moot court competition, and the national bankruptcy mediation training program. The LL.M. in Bankruptcy degree program is intensive and rigorous. It requires the completion of 24 credits. The program combines academic rigor with a practice-oriented approach that is designed to produce bankruptcy attorneys with the skills, the ambition and the knowledge to become leaders in the insolvency field. Students are permitted to take the program full-time (one year) or part-time (two to three years), entering in either the fall or spring semesters.

The Faculty



Some of our most experienced and highly regarded tenured faculty members teach in our LL.M. programs. New York is home to the world's preeminent law firms and to leading attorneys in every practice area.

Entry Requirements



Admission to the St. John's LL.M. Programs is selective and based upon excellence in prior legal studies. Evidence of academic scholarship as well as professional achievements will be considered.


Any American or foreign law school graduate holding a first degree in law (J.D., LL.B. or equivalent) from an ABA-accredited law school or a foreign law school recognized in the country where founded and located.

English Proficiency Tests

Because of the nature of the LL.M. Programs, it is essential that all students have a high level of comprehension and oral and written expression in the English language. Foreign graduates (other than students from Australia, English-speaking Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom) are required to have taken the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Test prior to applying.

Application Procedure




Rolling Admissions

We use a rolling admissions process and consider applications as they come in and make every effort to inform you of our decision as soon as possible after receipt of your completed application. An application is considered complete when the School of Law has received the following:

- Completed & signed application - Two letters of recommendation - Personal statement - Transcripts from law school and undergraduate schools attended - Application fee of $100 (non-refundable) - English Proficiency Test

Students will be expected to submit at least two letters of recommendation with the application, directed to the student' s capacity to handle the intensive program contemplated, preferably from one faculty member and, where appropriate, one practicing professional with whom the applicant was employed. In addition, the student must submit a personal statement explaining why the applicant desires to enroll and how the applicant believes the program will advance his or her career goals and objectives. The statement should be written in a clear, concise manner, reflecting the applicant' s personal writing style, and be approximately 250 to 500 words. Students may supplement these materials with published or unpublished work written by the student or other information or material the applicant believes may be helpful in the selection process.

In order to complete the application process, prospective LL.M. students must apply by completing and returning our application forms using one of the following options:

1.- Online at Law School Admission Council (LSAC), or,

2.- By completing and returning the forms from the website via email to or via regular mail directly to:

St. John's University School of Law Office of Graduate Studies 8000 Utopia Parkway, Suite 301 Queens, N.Y. 11439

Prospective students can now download the application forms:

- for the LL.M. Program in International Sports Law Practice - for the LL.M. in Transnational Legal Practice - for the LL.M. in U.S. Legal Studies - for the LL.M. in Bankruptcy

Financial Aid


We offer a limited number of scholarships based on merit. Scholarship criteria include academic performance, experience in practice (where applicable), published and unpublished written work, and personal interview.

Emphasis will be placed on the applicant having achieved an outstanding academic record in law school and on the applicant's employment history.

Candidates wishing to apply for a scholarship should submit a scholarship application form together with their application.




The School of Law has the benefit of being on a campus located in a quiet, safe, inexpensive and suburban neighborhood in Queens, about 30 minutes from Manhattan.

St. John's Manhattan Campus is located at 101 Astor Place, between 3rd Ave. and 4th Ave.


St. John's understands that many incoming students will need to relocate to the area and would like to provide you with the information to make this transition as smoothly as possible.

There are several housing options for law students including: Living in the University-owned DePaul Townhouses; Living in Off-Campus Housing; and/or Being placed on the Roommate List.

Student Life



Campus Life For more information about all that the Queens campus has to offer, please visit the Queens campus Student Life website.

Summer Program

Summer Study Abroad - Rome

Students participating in our Summer Study Abroad program spend four weeks studying international and comparative law at St. John's Rome campus.

The summer study programs will run from June 1 - June 30.

For more information, please visit our website

Pre-LLM Course

- American Law: Discourse & Analysis

St. John's University School of Law offers a non-degree program, American Law: Discourse and Analysis Program (ALDA), which can be combined with a the TLP LLM program at St. John's. The program offers foreign-trained lawyers the opportunity to master the core principles and concepts of American law while earning a certification of proficiency in technical legal English.

The ALDA pathway enables students to begin their core LLM coursework with a professional level of proficiency in the language, cultural and analytical skills used in American law. The program teaches the key aspects of U.S. law (in particular constitutional structure, rights, and civil procedure) and the legal analysis skills (spoken and written) required for success in the LLM program. Students who follow the formal ALDA pathway spend two years (4 semesters) completing the ALDA work and their LLM courses before completion of the LLM degree.

ALDA Courses

ALDA students take three classes each semester for a total of twelve (12) non-degree credits. Students leave the ALDA program with twenty-four (24) non-degree credits. The three courses, each one broken into two parts, are:

ALDA: Introduction to U.S. Law & Analysis I and II. This course introduces ALDA students to methods and ideas that are fundamental components of the American legal system, with an emphasis on reading, briefing, and analyzing cases.

ALDA: Introduction to Legal Writing & Analysis I and II. This course introduces ALDA students to legal analysis and writing. Students will learn the fundamental components of communicating with U.S. law firm colleagues and clients through email, client letters and legal memoranda.

ALDA: American Law & Legal Culture Project I and II. This course introduces ALDA students to basic concepts in U.S. legal ethics, asks students to consider those concepts in the context of well-known stories and cases of American legal culture, and provides opportunities for students to discuss issues of legal ethics and professional responsibility with members of the legal profession.

-English for American Law School

English for American Law School is an intensive four-week summer course designed for students entering St. John's LL.M. programs who are not native English speakers. The course?s aim is to familiarize these students with the U.S. legal system and its vocabulary, thereby enabling them to participate more effectively in their studies in the LL.M. programs.

In the course, students review, discuss, and outline U.S. statutes and cases in various subject areas, including torts, contracts, and civil procedure. Through daily lectures, readings, written assignments, class discussions, and in-class exercises, students develop their ability to communicate orally and in writing about U.S. law.

Learn more about the summer course on the Office of Graduate Studies site.

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