Hi guys,
I'm having an extremely hard time choosing. I'd appreciate some help. I'm married and live in New York rent free with a job lined up (though not paying so much). My wife is from LA but has a good job in NY. My focus lies in project finance, corporate and energy law.

USC pros:
- 10k scholarship
- I chose the business track so can get a certificate in business law
- Can take both NY and California Bar
- have a 2 week bar review class
- Legendary alumni group (much higher ranked at 18)
- Small law school in a big university so best of both worlds. Much more fun despite being academically rigorous
- Small classes and great integration of LLMs with JDs and interaction with professors is very easy from what I heard from many people that attended
-Great weather

- Regional school
- Need a car and to plan for 20k living expenses
- far from my wife and additional cost to see each other

Fordham Pros
- located in NY
- good alumni base in NY
- Can attend NY LLM job fair
- lower costs for me
- Good reputation in corporate and banking law
- can keep working with my firm
- will be close to my wife
- possibility to get 33% off their new Asset Management certificate for mid career professionals

Fordham Cons
- Their career services literally suck.
- LLM are ignored by JDs so bad integration which does not allow LLMs to network with JDs. I know many Fordham llms and they all complained about that
- Old and small school, and poor facilities overall

My heart tells me to go to USC but Fordham is the more reasonable choice in my situation. If you guys have any more info which could help me choose, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!