Hi all. If there is any student considering going to UCLA, I really want to tell you, "please do not"

I did LLM at UCLA this year and I was rejected for JD Transfer although I got 3.8 GPA.

When I asked for information about JD Transfer last year to UCLA School of Law, they said if I got 3.6, I could get transferred to JD Program. But, I got denied, although my GPA is 3.8.

I really found that UCLA wants monies from LLMs. You should know that their libraries will be closed for many many days so you would not have enough time for studies and they would lie to you in the beginning of thier Program up until the start date of the 2nd semester by which you have to pay your 2nd part of tuition, then they would not care about you anymore.

That is what I felt at UCLA. I thought that I had to let LLMs know about this. Further, if you ever want to find a job, you should not do LLM at UCLA.