I was recently admitted in both BU's LL.M. in American Law and Suffolk's General LL.M, and was granted with a 10K merit-based award from the last one.

I'm still undecided on which offer I should accept and I would very much appreciate your overall opinion on both schools, considering the following:

1. I'm a foreign educated attorney living in MA with no intentions of going back to my country or elsewhere in the near future, due to my husband's job in Boston. BUT, I need to keep my options open should the need of moving abroad or out-of-state arise.

2. My area of practice is criminal law and, even though I haven't decide if I will continue that path, I'm more inclined to public law than to private law.

3. I know that BU is higher ranked than Suffolk and I know that I didn't acknowledge the existence of Suffolk until I moved in Massachusetts, but I don't know the real implications of being in a top-tier school (is that really important in the real-world?)

4. Last but not least, even though I won't make my final decision based on finances, money is definitely an important part of the equation. Both Suffolk and BU have apx the same tuition for their LL.M Programs, so the difference between my two options is 10K. Would you sacrifice that aid and go to BU instead ??

Thanks in advance for your advice!