Hi, I have been admitted at CLS and decided to enroll at their LLM program last week. Now I am on a quest to find how to finance tuition and living expenses. I now that there are some US educational loans for foreing residents who have a credit-worthy US cosigner. Luckily, I have one. I have talked to Citibank and Salie Mae. The first one told me that they did not grant loans for an LLM program at CLS (I have requested confirmation by mail, just in case). The second one told me to wait until March, 23 because they are changing their loan terms. I must confess that this thing is killing me!!! Not only do you have to suffer several months to get admitted, but now you have to see how to finance your LLM.

Does someone know about any other options? I was told that Access Group granted loans, but according to their web page there aren't granting private educational loans any more. They only grant the Stafford and the Graduate Plus. Does someone know if a foreign resident with a US cosigner can apply for these loans.

I will really appreciate your help on this.