I am graduating in January next year and is thinking of taking an LLM from one of the top American law schools, preferably with a focus on international law, making NYU, Columbia, Harvard and Yale most interesting.

Surfing thru the pages of these law schools, however, I think it is difficult to find the deadlines for 2008, so I suppose it is still early.

Do any of you know whether any of these schools actually do have a programme starting in the spring semester? (If I have to wait until autumn 2008, I might get more funding, so it's not bad altogether, but I will also have to find something to do in the meantime.)

Finally, could anyone rate my chances: My grades are ok, but not great (upper second honors average), I have had published two scholarly articles in some of my country's best law journals (and is currently finishing a third), I have worked part time in a law journal for three years (and still am) and is currently working as a research assistant at the law faculty (dep. of public and int'l law), while writing a major final thesis (one year). Also, I've written a novel, if that could better my chances.