The promising equation of motivated law students brandishing impressive résumés and employers happy to offer them on the job training will work its magic again September 23, 2014 for Catholic University Law School's [CUA] Fall externship fair. During the Fall Externship fair as well as the Spring Externship fair, numerous Washington D.C. area legal employers who set up tables in CUAs atrium, meet with students, answer their questions and assess their credentials for possible internships.
The biannual fair provides an opportunity for Catholic University law students (both J.D. and LL.M students) to obtain externships for academic credit. During the fairs students also develop vital professional connections and information about real world legal experience that supplements classroom learning.

Employers at the fairs represent many legal paths, including positions in the government, the military, non profit legal organizations, and the judicial system.

The Columbus School of Law offers one of the most extensive legal externship programs in the United States, structured to take full advantage of the many opportunities available to students attending law school in Washington, D.C.
Each year more than 200 students at CUA earn course credits for externships at non-profit organizations, government agencies,Congressional offices, judges' chambers, law firms, trade associations and corporations.

The law schools faculty is especially well suited to supporting its externship program. Several members have jointly authored the only available textbook for use in law school externship seminars, titledLearning from Practice: A Professional Development Text for Legal Externs.