Hi- I’ve been accepted to do an environmental LLM at Vermont Law School.
While they have a good reputation, I’m not sure if the school is ultimately for me; I’ve not been overly impressed with the culture of the department I’ll be working in and it appears they’ve cut a lot of the relevant classes in recent years. The location is also a downside: very rural and therefore networking will take some serious legwork. Their CS office is not very robust - the reputation of the school is the only thing it appears graduates of their programs can rely on to get a foot in the door for jobs themselves.
My question is: is the LLM program worth it for a young lawyer?
Should I enroll at Vermont, or look for other LLM programs?
I have experience working in DC at international NGOs on food / ag law and climate change, and and am considering looking for a fellowship or similar program for a year or two, then turning to firm work, or clerking. Any suggestions on the road to take?