Hi guys:

1-I am planning to build a career in international arbitration. I would like to know which courses I should take. Ive already built my own list of courses but I would like to know what you guys think. Feel free to pick the courses you think are important. (see list below)

2-When I apply to law firms, should I tell them I just want international arbitration? Or it is better to write in my cover letter I am interested in Private International Law in general, and in international alternative dispute resolution, litigation, mediation...?

3- Is international arbitration a good choice when it comes to job market, money...? and why do some people to decide to do an LL.M. in international taxation? Shall I be considering to take a course in international taxation?

Here we go:

Banking Law and Regulation
Corporate Finance
Investment Disputes in International Law
Mergers and Acquisitions
Survey of Securities Regulation
Antitrust Law
Bankruptcy Complex Litigation
Corporate Tax I & II
Environmental Law
Financing Development
Insurance Law
International Arbitration
International and Regional Trade Law, The Law of the WTO and NAFTA
International Business Transactions
International Commercial Arbitration
International Litigation for LL.M.s
The Administrative and Regulatory State for Transfer Students and LL.M.s
Advanced Topics in Administrative Law
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Antitrust Law and Economics
Antitrust and Regulatory Alternatives
Business Crime
Colloquium on Law, Economics, and Politics
Commercial Sales Law: Domestic and International
Comparative Civil Procedure
Conflict of Laws
Enforcing Regulation for Emerging Markets
European and Comparative Corporate Law
European Union Law
Forum Shopping and International Commercial Law seminar
History & Theory of International Law
International Commercial Agreements in Practice
International and Comparative Antitrust Seminar
International Competition Law: Globalization and Developing Countries
International Financial Regulation
International Law
International Monetary System
International Tax Policy
Law and Business of Investment Banking
Law and Economics Colloquium
Restructuring Firms and Industries
Professional Responsibility in Law & Business
Securities Regulation: Offerings, Registration, Exemptions and Disclosures
Secured Transactions
Structure and Finance of Corporate Transactions
Taxation of Affiliated Corporations
Taxation of Executive Compensation
The Law of Securitization
Seminar: What Creates and Influences Regulation?
U.S. Corporate Law and Theory

Thank you guys! I know many of you are brilliant!