I'm a third year biglaw associate in Hong Kong. My practice area is dispute resolution specializing in international arbitration. My JD was in Hong Kong but I passed the New York Bar Exam and was called in 2017.

For personal and professional reasons, I have always wanted to do a LLM for a year in the US as a career break and to beef up my resume, and possibly look for a job in the US (I understand that technically I already can with my NY qualification - but I figured my CV may be more convincing with a LLM from a top university in the US). As someone who is more acquainted to the disputes practice in APAC/Hong Kong, I was worried that even if I did get a job in the US, I would have to essentially re-learn everything again.

I was wondering if anyone could shed light on how the current career prospects for a foreign 3-4 PQE biglaw associate in the US are like, and whether there would be any "setback" career-wise due to the need to essentially learn/get used to the US practice? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

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