Dear all,

I am originally from Europe and will very soon graduate from a top US law school. My goal was to practice US law in London. Unfortunately, I was unable to receive an offer from the London office of any US law firm.

In August 2016, I will pursue a vacation scheme at a UK law firm (silver circle) in London. In my understanding, the vacation scheme may lead to a 2 years training contract.

Should I receive a training contract offer, would you take it? Unfortunately, trainees' salaries are very low. I may be willing to struggle for a bit if my efforts will pay off in the long run though.

Do you think some experience in this UK firm may help me make a later move to a US firm?

The plan B is just going back to my home country where I would very like be able to find a job in a more prestigious international firm. At this point, I would be still looking for a job in London though. This is my ultimate goal.

I am not sure whether the latter option will provide me with more chances to practice US law in London compared to the former though.

Any insights on the topic would be great.

Thanks in advance for your help.