Hey guys,

I would like to receive your opinion on the following topic.

I started my llm a few weeks ago, at City University of London. I'm doing the general LLM. I think the workload is not that high. We have classes 2 times a week, 2 hours per day, and we do not have exams. We have to work on a 5000 word essay for each subject, and a 10000 dissertation over the summer.

Now, I have a good job opportunity, working as contract analyst for a big company, working 35 hours per week. Not only is it a good career opportunity, but the best way I can finance my stay in London for this year.

With the information I provided you, do you think it is possible to do both things at the same time?

To be completely honest, I only need to get a pass. I'm not aiming for the high scores, in this situation.

Any opinions or advice?