I'm an Indian female lawyer and company secretary with 8+ years of experience of working in 2 Fortune 500 companies [~5 years], an average law firm [~1 year] and pursued CS articleship from a PCS firm and PCA firm [~2 years].

I'm currently taking a gap year to focus on personal health. I'm planning to rejoin the workplace in a few months. However, I'm interested to pursue higher studies in the UK next year.

Based on my work experience, I've developed interest in the business and finance aspects of law and as such want to apply to Oxford/Cambridge/LSE. I'm also slightly confused between an MBA and these programs but I'm leaning towards law more.

I studied from an average college in Bangalore, have a GPA of 3.4 from 5 years of BALLB. I do not have any paper publications or awards.
I am hoping that my work experience, extra-curriculars [literary and culture - no sports], additional responsibilities at work [Committees] and volunteering work [10+years] will help me.

I am willing to work hard and make an attempt but do not know the best way forward. I've reached out to folks on Linkedin who pursued these degrees and I'm awaiting their response.

Please let me know honestly if there's a chance for me to get into any of these courses and what I can do to improve my chances. Will my age [will be mid-thirties next year] act as a deterrent?