Hello fellow learned friends there!!

I have some concerns regarding LPC.

I am currently residing in Italy but not an italian national. I have a LLB (Hons) from Staffordshire University in UK and LLM from an Italian state university (done in English language). I am planing to start the LPC online course while residing in Italy.

1. The qualification I receive by choosing the online route will still be recognised in UK as I was doing it on campus? Or are there any differences when applying for training contracts or other employment opportunities?

2. If I complete the online course, is it possible for me to do the training period in italy or is it compulsory to do this recognised training period in UK?

3. Are there any authorised training providers in Italy as well?

I’m asking these to have and idea and come to a decision if I should move to UK to do the LPC or I can do the Online route and do the next steps for becoming a solicitor.

Thank you in advance for your precious time taken to respond.

Kind regards