I am currently an LLB student at the University of Malta, and it is quite likely that I will graduate with a 2.2 (a 68%), but many good LLM programmes require a 2.1 from my University. While I have high marks in my 3rd, and 4th years, my 1st year marks are quite low due to having family problems and mental health issues at the time. I have lots of internship experience in top law firms (3 years) and I form part of board of the University Law Society. By the time I come to apply, I will also have a Master of Advocacy, a masters which is centred around law of procedure and is based on research of advanced legal topics.

QMUL has a competition law LLM, would I stand a chance on getting in? Would I have some chance at schools like UCL, QMUL, KCL, and so on? Thank you!

[Edited by Michaela Giorgio on Aug 22, 2023]