Here's my situation in hopes of a realistic answer - I graduated with a JD from a small no-name law school 12 years ago in the top 33% - immediately did a judicial clerkship for a year, then practiced for about two years before leaving law and starting a business, which I've had ever since. I'm now exploring obtaining an LLM in either the UK or continental Europe in hopes of eventually relocating there and getting back into the field.

I'm under no delusion of hoping to get into the top programs over there, but would I even stand a chance of getting into an LLM program at this point? Being in larger cities would be my preference (Manchester being my first), but would my most realistic shot be schools in smaller towns?

And in case it's of any value, my only frame of reference I have is that my school has sent quite a few people to Queen Mary over the years - my classmate, who had mediocre grades and no work experience even during school got in and found work with her LLM from there and still lives in London.