I am writing on behalf of my daughter who is an Indian citizen , and is keen to apply for LLB from UK after a couple of years. We would appreciate help on following
- How long is initial Tier 4 student visa granted for after securing LLB offer from a UK university ? Do you get a 3 or 4 or 6 year initial student visa?
- Does the above visa include 1 year LPC/SQE and subsequent 2 year Training contract ?
- If not, what additional visa category does one apply for, for completing the LPC /SQE and when ? How long is the LPC visa granted for ?
- After that, what visa category (is it Tier 2 work permit)? does 2 year Training contract fall under ? If a company fails to sponsor the training contract, how does one fulfil the conditions of TC and its associated visa? Can one apply for Tier 2 TC visa while working pro bono for some organization for 2 years (in case of failure to secure a paid training contract)? Is this legal?
- Please assume that we are able to fund LPC and TC ourselves, in case of non-sponsorship.
- The bigger picture is that my daughter wants to keep the option open, of practicing law in India and UK after the UK experience. If we want to come back to India, the bar council of India stipulates foreign LLB holders to fulfil equivalency in form of finishing 5 years of law study abroad to qualify for Indian bar membership .LLB = only 3 years. Only if you do 1 year LPC and 2 year TC (3+1+2=6 years) is that condition fulfilled. Has any Indian student faced the situation of coming abck to India after 3 year UK LLB (with out LPC and TC) or after 4 years (LLB+LPC but no training contract) ? How did they satisfy bar council requirement and practiced in India ?
- Lastly do UK colleges and big law firms give more value to A levels than Indian boards like CBSE or ICSE ?

Any clarifications will be appreciated