Dear All,

I am keen on pursuing a Masters in Energy Law via Distance Education (I love my job!), with a particular focus on issues concerning renewable energy. Unfortunately, it appears that there are not too many options. So far, I have come across programmes at CEPMLP, Dundee and at RGU, Aberdeen.

The former has a programme titled Energy Law and Policy. Frankly, it doesnt appeal to me much as it includes modules that I am not interested in such as Financial and Project Analysis for Natural Resources and Energy Ventures.

RGU has a programmed titled Oil and Gas, which, obviously is not as broad. That said, although the Masters is oil and gas centric, it does have broader modules such as Energy Law and Policy. Moreover, it has a module titled Renewable Energy Issues, which appeals to me.

With this background, I have the following questions:

i. Are there any places other than Dundee and Aberdeen that I should be looking for a distance education Masters ?
ii. Is it wise to pick distance education at RGU as opposed to CEPMLP?
iii. Has anyone pursued the Oil and Gas Masters at RGU via the distance education method? If so, was it full time distance or part-time distance? Approximately how many hours per week does each take?
iv. Any questions I should be asking, but havent?

Thanks for your help!