Dear All,
Each year I undertake an analysis of our flow rate of applicants and seek to match our numbers with our teaching and library resources. I can now able to announce to the LLMguide community that we have been able to increase our numbers by 20 this year. This will give us the space to take on more students into the late summer and early autumn.

I am aware that some students, particularly in continental Europe get their examination results very late in the summer and early autumn. For such good applicants we will now be able to keep our application open till Monday 26th September.

If you are planning to make a late application we will really need all references, transcripts and IETLS scores to be provided almost immediately if we are going to be able to make a decision in time for the beginning of term.

yours faithfully

Professor Alan Riley
LLM Programme DIrector
City Law School, City University
Grays Inn, London
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