this is slightly off topic but I'm hoping the administrator won't delete the post, on the grounds that (i) I'm a regular poster and (ii) this might be helpful to someone on the board who wants to turn up to London a little early.
I'm thinking about employing an au pair for a month during the summer (probably for August). Last year we had an Italian law student come to stay; the going rate here is £50 - £80 per week depending on what hours you do (about 2 hours per day and some babysitting) plus free accommodation and (within reason) food. Before I start looking more widely, I just wondered whether anyone on here might be interested, as it would afford a good opportunity to stay cheaply in London while flat hunting or taking a pre-sessional English course. Obviously you'd need to be capable of interacting with children (just one 6 year old) and generally helping out around the house. PM me if you think you might be interested!