Hi everyone, about the TOEFL score:

I got the minimum in all parts but failed to meet the overall by one point (my score was 99 and the schools that I plan to apply require 100). I decided to apply a little late, so I only had 2 weeks to prepare for the exam and I do not believe that I will have enough time to retake it, especially since the deadlines for most schools in the US is in a month and I still need to gather all documents, statements, etc.

My question is: should I take my chances and apply considering that the score is only one point below the requirement or because I did not meet the overall minimum they will refuse my application immediately and I should not waste my money?

Also, for schools in the UK, I understand that they give conditional offers, should I apply with these scores and see what happens (maybe they will accept my application and I won't have to retake the exam) or is safer to take the TOEFL again, as most of them accept applications on a rolling basis and I do not face any immediate deadline?

The point is: the TOEFL is an expensive and exhausting test and I am wondering if one point will really make any difference on my application.