Hi everyone,

I have a funny/tragic relationship with the TOEFL test.

The first time I took it, without any previous focused preparation whatsoever, I have scored: R25, L28, S23, W24 (total: 100);
After some Youtube classes for speaking and writing, I took the test again and:
R24, L28, S26, W24 (total: 102);
Then I decided to study hard in order to get top grades, but what happened was:
R24, L30, S23, W28 (total: 105).

Notice that I have got at least 100 all the times I took the test, but none of it was at least 25 in each section. My doubt is whether I should use just the last one, even though I don't have enough on reading and speaking or I should send all the three tests, since if I am combining the scores, I would have everything above 25.

The problem is that maybe they can consider that I am not fluent enough because I needed to take the test several times.

Could you guys help me with that? Thank you very much!