I am from Asia and so called, "foreign law school" graduate. I also have an LLM from Europe.

To make it more efficient, I would like to study in the US as short as possible for the LLM+JSD.

Not many, but some law schools in the US allow the applicants who already hold "LLM" from another institutions. I also received an e-mail from those schools that I am ELIGIBLE to apply for the JSD, without going through their LLM.

However, given that JSD is very small in size of the class, and I came from "another institution," applying for the JSD would be too brave?

My grade in the first law school was ok, but it is not high in my LLM.

I wonder if I simply apply for the JSD based on "eligibility," I only loose the chances for being admitted to the LLM in that school.

Any advice?