Hello everyone, hope you are well and safe!

My name is Alessandro and I'm a UK-based freelance journalist. I just registered to the site because I have a query that I think you may be able to help with.

Some years ago, I started a law degree in Italy, but eventually dropped out for personal reasons. I am now looking into convert subjects (modules) from an Italian university to a British (or other international) one, so that I could complete an MA without repeating the exams I already passed in Italy. I know that converting credits between two universities is possible (at least in Europe). However, my biggest problem is that I don't have a way of searching degrees by modules, so I am really struggling in finding a course that would allow me to make the most out of the modules I already passed. Do you know if such a tool exists at all? Alternatively, I am writing down here the list of modules I passed in my law degree back in Italy. Does anybody know of a course that would comprehend some or ideally most of these subjects?

- Constitutional Law
- Philosophy of Law
- Private Law
- Roman Law
- Parliamentary Law
- Comparative Law
- Logic and legal methodology

Thanks very much in advance!!!

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