Hi guys, I am Graha from Indonesia. I got accepted in Queen Mary University (Commercial Law), Melb University (General LLM), UC Davis (General LLM).

I want to focus on a combination of Tech Law (especially related to startup business IP, Venture Capital, etc) and also Finance Law (because my current job is in a government institution that also supervised FinTech company). All of those 3 Uni has great modules that they offered. However I really confused to which Uni that I have to pick.

Queen Mary, has an incredible course in both Finance and Tech Law, but based on the ranking they are in 130, which is much lower compares to MelbU and Davis. Instead based on Guardian it said that Queen Mary is ranked 3 in UK under Oxbrige for the law subject (which I dont know if its true?). It really confused me how they giving a rank and reputation to a University.

MelbU, is no. 1 Uni in Australia, rank 32 in the world. but there is my boss telling me that, a lot of employers are tending to appreciate those who come from US, UK, Europe country rather than Australian. The bonds of the Alumni itself is stronger from someone who graduate from US and UK compares to Aussie. Oh ya my boss is an Australian graduate actually. That is why it bothers my mind for a while, it feels genuine perspective haha :)

Davis, is actually a great school, rank 50ish worldwide, but I don't have enough source to research about the school(I mean genuine review from the alumni who taking LLM degree) is it good? is it worthy? what is the bad thing going to Davis. Secondly, their module are only focused on tech law and didn't provide the finance law like the other 2 university.

Beside the courses, rank, and location, I am also hoping that I could get some internship in some of the startup in London/Melbourne/ California.

Therefore, I really hope that you guys could help me and give your thought about that. I would be very appreciated that.


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