My name is Leo and I am about to finish my LLB in European Law at Maastricht University. I am currently working at the OECD and will graduate once I am done with my internship. I am now at a bit of a crossroads because I would either need to find a job or apply for a masters degree. The job market is not great at the moment and for now I've mainly got rejection. Can perhaps anyone suggest any job opportunities for young graduates preferably with a focus on public policy or competition (apart from the usual suspects law firms in Brussels). As regards my masters I have the issue of lack of civil effect of my bachelors. I would like to take an LLM which would allow me to practice law in the future and that is not excessively expensive (I know it is a lot of things together ????). I am currently considering Sciences Po and Utrecht Law School, but perhaps some of you might have some further suggestions? As regards LLM scholarship possibilities, my current GPA is 7,4 which is good but probably not good enough for a full tuition scholarship. This roughly translates to a 2:1 degree in the UK. Besides, being Italian I am not aware of any eligible country specific scholarships.