I am a law graduate in India and also a CS Executive level passed student. I am interested in pursuing LLM in Corporate Governance Grad ICSA from University of Law, London Moorgate. I am interested in this course because it is giving me a LLM degree and also a member graduate recognition in ICSA. Since I have no contacts with anyone who pursued or has knowledge about this course, I would be very much grateful if anyone could advice on the following:

1. I want to know the difficulty of the course. Ofc it will be difficult but I want to know extent of difficulty since I hail from India how different would be the exams, dissertations and their evaluations?

2. The career options and job availability after the said course. I intend to settle in UK. I want to know the scope of jobs available and sponsors available to apply for Tier 2.

3. I have some time in India before I start my course in UK. If anyone could suggest me on some courses on UK Corporate law or any other course for me to gain the basic knowledge and idea of the EU law.

Thank you in advance. Any help or advice is much appreciated!