I’m trying to figure out my chances at the top LLM programs and I am trying to deduce whether my class rank fully ruins my chances at any top LLM program.

I studied at a top national law university in India (NALSAR) and my CGPA fulfils the India equivalent requirement of a ‘first class undergraduate degree with honours' in the UK system (as provided by Oxford). However, my class rank is not good enough - top 25-27% most likely out of a class of 120.

Considering that we write competitive exams to enter into universities like NALSAR/NLSIU in India, would my lower class rank be greatly detrimental to my application as compared to other India applicants, and should I instead consider applying for lower ranked LLM programs? Could I explain extenuating circumstances (family emergencies and the COVID pandemic entirely disrupting my final years of college) in relation to my poor class ranking and would this somewhat help? Would a stellar work experience and letters of recommendation be able to offset the poor grades?