Hello Everyone!

I am currently working at a Law Firm based in Delhi,India, specializing in Antitrust/Competition Law, Intellectual Property Law and Corporate Law. I plan on pursuing a Masters in Law degree from either Oxford/Cambridge in the future, after I have accumulated at least two years of work experience. I am confident I will be able to secure admission into these colleges as aforementioned.

My main concern is regarding the Job Prospects in the UK as well in the EU after I have finished my masters degree. I am keen on working with a law firm/In - house , and would like to know if I have any future prospects left to pursue a career in the UK/EU? I have seen some Indian Students get placed, but the majority who do remain law. On the other hand, Indian Students studying in the US, particularly colleges such as Berkley, Harvard, NYU etc. seem to get placed in larger ratio (not necessarily in the US, but for top firms in other global offices) as compared to the US/EU. The whole purpose of me going for a higher degree is to improve my job prospects. Will that at all be possible?