Hey everyone,

I plan on doing a JD and then I might be interested in doing a JSD or a Phd in Law like the Yale program that only lasts 3 years.

I know some people who think once you have a Phd you "made it" and you can get a "tenure track" position at a University. However, this has no been my experience. I have actually met people who once they finish their Phd, they go into post-doctoral fellowships, then they might do these for a few years. Then afterwards, they might do a more "adjuct position." Then eventually, they might get a tenure track. It's similar as how some people can go from undegraduate to Phd while others have to do the Masters degree to get their writing to Phd Level.

Hence, why I think the smarter option would be to try to do a shorter program. I know some schools might offer you to do a "combined" PhD+JD degree, however, this seems to not neccesarily be the case everywhere. I know some people who finished their JD and then they had to do a Phd.

But what do you guys think? I'd like to hear from you.

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