I completed my LLB in South Africa and then went on to do a LLM in The Netherlands. I did not do my articles in SA as I was still unsure which area of law I want to work in. The LLM is a specialisation in Public International Law. Besides positions in the UN organisations, ICC, ICJ etc which are limited - what are the chances of working for a corporate law firm in the Netherlands?
Dutch law requires graduates to complete a 3-year term in-house training/articles but it seems you need to have a Dutch LLB.
Is there a bridging exam or training one can complete to be able to embark on a legal career in the Netherlands - or will I be left to career possibilities as a legal consultant, advisor etc only and not able to practice as a lawyer eventually in the Netherlands? Surely I am not being asked to do a whole new 3-year Dutch LLB!! Any advise is very much appreciated.