Hi everyone,

So I am currently thinking about applications for LLM degrees, and I came across the Manheim/Adelaide MCL.
I am very interested in this degree because I am currently untertaking a dual degree (BCL and Masters) relating to two different law systems (the degrees are awarded by two different universities).

Hence, I thought about applying to the MCL because it provides a higher perspective to one's legal thinking. It goes beyond the " national " legal system and focuses more on European Law and Australian Law which I find quite interesting.

However, I am quite concerned because this degree does not seem to have much international recognition. Hence, I am afraid of choosing the wrong path that might lead me to a dead-end career-wise. Indeed, I am leaning towards this degree but I'm not sure as to how to apprehend it because I can't figure a proper career prospect along its lines.

Does anyone know anything about it ?

Thank you,