Hello everyone,

I am trying to decide whether I'll be applying for Leiden's or Utrecht's Public International Law LL.M. Programme. I know that Leiden is in higher ranking as far as the subject is concerned and also that its Programme is a strong one and of high reputation. But what I really like in Utrecht is that you can choose a specialisation apart from the umbrella of General PIL. More specifically, you can choose the International Law of the Sea and International Environmental Law Track which on the one hand I really can't find anywhere else in European Programmes and on the other hand it constitutes a subject that one will be taught- as friends of mine have told me- in a very general way in Leiden. I'm not 100% sure that I want to pursue a career in the above sub-section of PIL but I am highly interested in it and that's why I don't want to attend a Programme which will not give me the choice afterwards. So, taking all the above into consideration, should my LL.M. choice be based on the ranking/reputation or on the programme as such?

Any more info regarding the comparison of these two programmes will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.