Hello, everyone!

These last few days I've been thinking a lot about and did extensive research on finding the right LL.M. program for me.

I am from Austria and recently received my Magister iuris and my bachelors degree in political science from an Austrian university.
Until now, Ive mainly been interested in Austrian Public Law and the Austrian Human Rights System. Nevertheless, I really want to go abroad, mainly for reasons of personal development, but also in order to expand my legal knowledge.
Since a one-year LL.M. program right now seems to be the best option to do that, Ive been thinking about possible intersections between the vast amount of usually international-oriented LL.M. programs available and my field of interest. As a result, I think I can narrow down my options to the following: Since European Law, of course, interferes in various ways with domestic Public Law, a classic LL.M. in European Law (mind you: not business law) immediately comes to mind. Another option would be an LL.M. in Human Rights Law. Moreover, due to my second degree, Ive been thinking about interdisciplinary programs that might touch on political or societal topics as well.

Due to my personal background and interests, I guess that it is safe to say that an LL.M. in Europe makes more sense than a program overseas. Since I am only fluent in English (and want to improve it as much as possible), I can more or less narrow down the contemplable countries to the United Kingdom and Ireland and countries, in which you can get through with English only, like Belgium, the Netherlands or Scandinavian countries.

Another factor to consider is that Im quite late for my planned enrollment in fall 2015. I havent gotten my language certificate (I plan to take it at the end of february) and my letters of recommendation yet, so I guess I wont be able to send out my applications (I plan to do 3-5) before the end of March.
Because of this, I also have to consider financing. What Ive seen so far, most scholarships or tuition waivers can only be attained if you apply very early. Moreover, here in Austria scholarships opportunities seem to be quite scarce (by the way: Im very happy to be corrected on that one!). I do have savings at my disposal, but money definitely is an issue and I would rather have a good/solid but affordable program than a slightly better one that costs double.

To be honest, its also quite hard for me to really assess my chances of being admitted in quality programs. My GPA in law is very good (3.78) and it is perfect (4.00) in political science, but my University ranks quite low (700th or so in QS World University Ranking). Additionally, Im nearly 25 years old and dont have a lot of work experience besides internships and part-time jobs at the university.

Bottom line: Which LL.M. programs would you recommend on the basis of this information?

Thanks a lot for your advice!