Hello all,

I am trying to decide between attending U of T or Cambridge for my LLM. I attended a Canadian law school for my JD, I have articled at a prestigious employer, and clerked at an appellate court. I am a Canadian citizen. I have received a fellowship to attend U of T which covers half of my tuition, whereas I would have to pay my own way at Cambridge, resulting in at least $25k of debt (the rest of tuition/expenses being paid by my own savings). My career aspirations are to become an academic and teach law at a Canadian law school. I am concerned that U of T does not have the prestige, nor the dedicated LLM program offered at Cambridge (I have heard people describe an LLM in Canada as doing 4L) to set me on the best track for pursuing a career in academia. On the other hand, I will not go into debt attending U of T, and Toronto is where my friends and partner reside.

Any insights are appreciated, especially concerning outlook as to job prospects out of either school. I would pursue an SJD/PhD after my LLM of course, and not necessarily at U of T or Cambridge, so opinions as to whether that matters more than where I attend my LLM are also appreciated.

Thanks very much.