Hi everyone,

I just received an offer for the Dual LLM in Commercial Law joint programme with Queen Mary University of London.

Although I'm fascinated and interested in the programme I applied for, I am not (yet) really into asian Unis and job market. Therefore, I need to bother you with a few questios:

- Anyone here knows the specific programme?
- What are you generally consideration of SMU?
- As I'm a 33 years old italian not yet qualified (thanks covid...) how luckily will I be able to find an internship in Singapore while pursuinng the LLM?

I'm not really interested in finding a stable work placement in Singapore, I'd rather "spend" the whole experience (LLM+internship) in my own country.

Any help and hints would be much appreciated!

Thanks to whoever will find the time to help a kind italian :)

Best regards,