So I know the generally accepted wisdom (at least among JD students in the US) is that LLM’s are largely not worth it. However, I’m a rising third year JD candidate American in a US-based law school who has an undergrad background in Chinese( I speak with near business level proficiency, but I’m confident I could get full business proficiency if I was there for another year) and am looking to break into the Chinese legal market because it’s what I’ve been passionate about for most of my adult life and been my dream to utilize my interest in and educational background in Chinese studies for years and years now, it's what I really want to pursue.

My hope is to end up at a Chinese law firm as a foreign legal consultant, a US firm with offices in China, or a government type gig based in China. I’m hoping to use the LLM as a springboard of sorts to help land a job in one of those roles in China. Also, let’s assume I won’t have to pay for the program for the time being. So don’t factor cost as part of the equation. I just want to know if any of the 3 points below are things an LLM from a place like Tsinghua, Renmin University, or Peking University might help with. The main question I would like to know is, will an LLM in Chinese law from a place like the ones I mentioned actually give me a decent shot of landing a job in China? I know nothing will fall into my lap, but will it make me a viable candidate for employment? Is it redundant if I'll already have a JD? Is it too unlikely to land a job in China to justify going through with an LLM program?

My thinking is that:
1. Networking on the ground in China could be a game changer and open employment doors in China that don’t exist while searching for employment opportunities in China from the US
2. There will almost certainly be a career services office at the university that can help connect me to employers there. In addition, there are opportunities for internships based in China as part of the program.
3. Having the LLM will further reinforce my familiarity/expertise with China/Chinese law and make me a stronger candidate for any jobs that need someone who speaks Chinese and is familiar with China issues, even if it’s a firm in the US and not necessarily based in China.

What do you guys think? For what I’m trying to accomplish does it sound like a reasonable plan and opportunity? If the goal is to stay and work in China long-term, will an LLM help achieve that or make little to no difference? Does having a JD make it redundant? Or will I still just be wasting my time for nothing?