I am looking law degree programs that allow examining various Latin American legal systems. I don't have a law degree / JD, so I'm left out of the equation for LLMs and having to consider other (non-JD/LLM) law degree programs. I'm wanting to study international business law and compare corporate practices, corporate law procedures and comparative law approaches between different Spanish and Portuguese language jurisdictions. I don't plan to practice law, but I am legal translator aiming to do graduate work and be able to think more like law professional - currently applying to master programs in legal translation and wanting to complement with a law degree. The master degree programs for international business law with the option for examining Latin American law seem to be only available in LLM programs (e.g. University of Texas), for which I seem to not be eligible for. Perhaps more online options will become available with the current pandemic, but I'm really having had time finding them. As a reference, I live in Mexico City and will check local options (even though I prefer online / long distance options, as I don't want to deal with the daily crazy traffic). Perhaps law schools in Latin America at the undergraduate level might offer them, so I would appreciate recommendations.

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