Orientation, etc.

By ivan2006 in NYU - Class of 2007 on Aug 29, 2006

Dear all,

Here in New York they say the summer ends as of memorial day (1 September). Yet it seems like the summer has departed soon this year. It is raining heavily in NYC, and it looks like the people who wanted to make a trip to the beachside (more than one excursion to Long Island was cancelled) will have to wait until next year... 

Classes did not start so far (they will start on Wednesday) and meanwhile we are attending several orientation sessions and social gatherings organized by the Student Associations and even by some law firms. Orientation started yesterday and it will continue until tomorrow. We are pretty overloaded with information (how the intranet - NYU Home - works, what the career services does, registration at the library, etc.) and I am definitely anxious to have my first classes. All the assignments are available at NYU Home, and I still have to do a lot reading until my first class on Thursday... But all the socialization was worth it: I met a lot of different people from many different countries, and even JD´s and Tax LLM´s from the US during the social events held yesterday.  In the case of the 1L JD´s and American LLM´s, many of them are as new to NYC as we are - they have just arrived during the week-end from several parts of the US. Everybody has a good story to tell and fascinating fields of study.

I am taking the LLM in International Taxation. According to some magazines (e.g. US News), NYU has the best program in tax of the US. According to several professionals I have been in touch with, it is true. If you are specialized in tax, NYU is #1 (although Florida, Georgetown and Northwestern also have great programs - for more info, see the "Career Forum" link on www.taxtalent.com). I knew that before applying (NYU was my 1st option) and I had no remorse when I rejected other admission offers to enroll at NYU. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you I rejected Harvard´s offer because HLS has not offered me admission... In any case, believe me or not, I promise that even if I had an offer by HLS I would have rejected it... 

We are just beginning here, but we already have a lot of events to attend. In my program, he have many special events, like brown bag lunches with tax lawyers based in NY. That´s how it works: these professionals come around and make us a presentation while eating a sandwich. It is not only a free meal (very important in an expensive city like NY), but also a great chance to learn from partners of big US and international law firms. And it is good networking. Learn this word asap: here in NY it´s all about networking. 

Another great thing about NYU is its location. If you have the chance to live in the Village, you will not regret it. I feel sorry for the commuter students (many take more than 1 hour to arrive here), specially when I think I live only 5 blocks away from the Law School (at the Mercer St residence). When winter comes, it will certainly be an advantage.

I guess many of you are starting to work on your applications. For those applying to NYU, a little piece of advice: try to get in touch with the admissions office and ask them to put you in touch with an alumnus of current student from your country. He will certainly be able to give you an insider´s view of the university and of its programs. If you know well NYU, you will probably make a better essay - which increases your possibilities to be admitted. 

Cheers - and good luck with your applications!


batista, Sep 17, 2006 22:16

im frm india,,, im abt to start with application process for general llm at nyu,,,
what should i request admission offices to do

J.R., Sep 15, 2006 06:20

All i can say is that the program at NYU is way too large for me. 450 students!

Nikola, Sep 06, 2006 17:59

Dear Ivan or anybody,

I am very interested in LLM in taxation law. It would be very helpfull if you could give me info on procedure for getting to NY and if there are any scholarship I could aply for. I am from Serbia, non EU member so is there any obstacles for me or ... ?

Thanks in advance, Nikola

JJhermes, Aug 31, 2006 11:41

Hello I'm JJ from China. It's really kind of you to share your interesting experience in NYU. Actually NYU is my dream university and I will try hard pursuing it. Also your advice do give me help. Thanx and good luck!

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