Haven't written in a while so here is a small summary!

By PUCCA in UCL LLM 2009/2010 experience. Right from the beginning until graduation! on Mar 15, 2010

Ok so i havent written in a while. I cannot say i havent had a chance i was just too lazy to sit down and write sorry!

Well my research proposal was accept and my supervisor in super great! Havent seen in a while i must admit, i havent done much but i will speed out after classes are over in two weeks!

 December was ok i me with my supervisor to discuss my dissertation which is about drug trafficking and well its being kinda difficult to get all the material necessary to write about it because its based on my country so there is not many information but well im dealing with it!

I went back to Panama during Christmas and stayed there until January 10 more or less. It was great to see my family and friends and i really wanted to stay there and not come back cause i feel kinda lonely here, i dont know why but thats how i feel. Well its almost over so i ll be ok.

When i came back i just focused on studying and trying to do some research about my disseration topic,,,its been a lot of work but im kinda used to it already! Havent been out much either, people usually do stuff around here but sometimes i feel too lazy to go out in this horrible cold,,,,,thankfully spring is almost here so i will feel way better and more at ease because this terrible cold kept me sick for a long time and well i really need some nice hot weather!

Classes finish on March 25,,,,so im very happy about that,,,im going to amsterdam as part of my law and policy of international courts course, especially to The Hague and we will visit the Int. Criminal Court, the Int. Arbitration Court among others so im excited about that. I will be back on May 1 because im staying an extra day to visit a friend from school who lives so it would be fun.

After i come it will be vacation time which really means study time because exams will be right around the courner,,,i dont know my exam timetable yet but the faculty said they will post it around March 29 so lets see!!! i will let you know as soon as i have it,,,,im really scared,,you have no idea,,,the exams are not gonna be easy at all but i will do my best and study like never before,,i really need to pass,,,im not concerned about getting a distintion at this stage but just to pass and feel good about completing my masters so wish me good luck!

After that then i have a few months left to finish my dissertation and the last day to submit it is September 30 but im planning to submit around the first week of September so i can travel around and have a break.

I was thinking about applying to another internship before going to Panama but well see about that,,like i said before i really miss home but if i get the opportunity i have to take of course.

i also applied to a volunteer position at Amnesty internationa, the closing date for applications was today so lets hope i get called for an interview at least,,,its related to human rights in central america so i consider it totally suits me,,,lets hope i get it,,i will let you know as well.

So thats about it for now,,i will try to write more but i think i pretty much summarized my last few months here,,,,see you soon!!!


PUCCA, Apr 18, 2010 06:08

hehe i had forgotten that until he reminded me,,,,it sounds nice,,,how is the llm going?

legalalien, Apr 15, 2010 18:42

Hi Pucca - glad to hear that things are going reasonably well. Beicon has pointed out that I owe you a promised drink - having been accepted at LSE following your posts assuring me that I was not to old to apply - let me know if you want to take me up on it!

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