Nurturing the Future of Healthcare with an LL.M.

Jul 20, 2023

Students on these programs are making a lasting impact in promoting ethical practices and protecting patient rights

LL.M. Programs in Environmental Law: Shaping a Sustainable Future

Jul 17, 2023

Law students can play a pivotal role in shaping policies, advocating for conservation, and fostering a sustainable future.

The Advantages of Pursuing an LL.M. in Germany

Jul 03, 2023

From affordable education to a strong legal framework and diverse specializations, there are plenty of reasons to consider Germany for your LL.M.

LL.M. Programs in Asia-Pacific: On the Rise

Jun 26, 2023

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Master the Future: LL.M. Programs in Legal Technology

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As the legal industry undergoes a digital transformation, these specialized programs have emerged as an increasingly relevant educational pathway

Navigating Legal Waters: Pursuing an LL.M. in Maritime Law

Jun 14, 2023

Specialist courses offer in-depth exploration of the legal intricacies surrounding shipping, marine insurance, port operations, and international trade

Demand for Legal Expertise Lifts LL.M. Programs in Cybersecurity

Jun 05, 2023

With the increasing reliance on technology and the rise in cyber threats, law schools are responding with specialist LL.M. programs

Studying a Human Rights LL.M.: Making the World a Better Place?

Jun 05, 2023

These LL.M. programs are increasingly popular at a time when environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues have risen to prominence in recent years

Strategies to Prepare for Your LL.M. Over the Summer

May 22, 2023

Becoming a full-time student again after years of employment can be a challenge, so forward planning is key

Paying for an LL.M. in Tougher Economic Times

May 12, 2023

Law schools are reporting more demand for scholarships and financial aid, but the LL.M. degree often pays for itself over time

How LL.M. Students get Summer Internships

Apr 26, 2023

Choosing the right internship brings a new set of skills and, with some hard graft, a full-time position

LL.M. Programs Adapt to Generative AI

Apr 19, 2023

What do students need to know about this technology to get ahead in their future careers, and how can they acquire this knowledge while at law school?

How to Write the Perfect LL.M. Statement

Apr 12, 2023

ChatGPT has ignited concerns over cheating, but, for now, law schools say the personal statement remans a key piece of the LL.M. application

Post-LL.M. Careers: Finding Opportunities In a Downturn

Mar 29, 2023

While some practice areas are shedding jobs, others are picking up the slack

How to Ace Your LL.M. Admissions interview

Mar 21, 2023

This is your chance to explain any gaps in your resume and demonstrate your commitment to the LL.M. program