LL.M. Application Deadlines for Fall 2019 - UK & Ireland

Applications open now for many LL.M. programs in English, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Below is a list of application deadlines for full-time LL.M. programs in the United Kingdom and Ireland beginning in Fall 2019.

The schools chosen were based on the most-visited programs on LLM GUIDE.

Some law schools have different deadlines for domestic and international students, particularly for those qho require a visa. 

More application cycles will open throughout October, while the first ones close in December 2018.

Always double-checking the program's website for the most up-to-date deadlines.


  • January 11-25, depending on which course is selected

King's College London

  • March 30 (recommended)
  • Final deadline for non-EU nationals (if program is not already full): July 27
  • Final deadline for UK/EU nationals: August 31

Queen Mary

  • Deadline for those requiring a visa: September 2
  • Deadline for EU applicants: September 9


  • No application deadline; rolling admissions

University of London International Programmes 

  • April Entry: February 28
  • November entry: September 30


  • January entry: November 13
  • September entry: dates not yet available

University College London (UCL) 

  • Dates not yet available

City London 

  • February (recommended)


  • LL.M.: December 5 2018

Trinity Dublin 

  • LL.M.: May 31
  • Mlitt/PhD: No closing dates for applications


  • Dates not yet available


  • Dates not yet available


  • No application deadline


  • By July 1


  • August


  • June 15 for international applicants, August 15 for EU applicants.


  • Applying by July 31 is encouraged

CEPMLP Dundee 

  • No formal deadline (EU/UK), January 15 (international)


  • No official deadline, but by the end of July is advised


  • June 1 (international), August 1 (EU/UK)


  • End of May (international), no formal deadline (EU/UK)


  • May 31


  • No formal deadline


  • Usually June each year


  • No formal deadline


  • June 1 (international), July 1 (UK/EU)


  • July 31


  • July 31 (international), no formal deadline (EU/UK)

Birkbeck College 

  • No formal deadline


  • No formal deadline, but they recommend students who require a visa apply at least 3 months before program start


  • July 31 (international)


  • May 31

UCD Dublin 

  • July 31


  • LL.M.: June 30 (international), July 31 (UK/EU)

Derby (Online Programs) 

  • Dates not yet available


  • August 31

De Montfort 

  • No deadline

Queen's Belfast 

  • End of August


  • End of June


  • No specific deadline

BPP Law School 

  • No formal deadline

Wales Aberystwyth 

  • Taught LL.M.: No formal deadline
  • LL.M. by Research: before the end of February


  • Admissions on a rolling basis

Image: City of London skyline from London City Hall by Diliff CC BY 2.0 (cropped)


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