17 law schools to present their programs to prospective students

Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany is hosting an International LL.M. Fair on the afternoon of May 14. Representatives from 17 law schools (listed below) from Europe, the UK, USA, Australia, and New Zealand will be presenting their programs to prospective LL.M. students.

The event will include ten-minute presentations by each of the participating law schools, as well as three longer talks:

- "How to Choose and Finance an LL.M. Abroad" by Daniel Voigt, Linklaters
- "How to Apply for an LL.M. Program (Timeline, Application Materials, Application Hints)" by Gail Hupper of Boston College Law School
- "ABA Bar Exam in the US" by Amy Sugin, Cardozo School of Law

The event is free of charge, but registration is required.

For more information and to register, please visit the Bucerius International LL.M. Fair website.


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