Oxford, Cambridge and LSE hold steady as Top 3

The Guardian (UK) has just published this year's edition of the popular Guardian University Guide, and with it its annual listing of top law schools in the United Kingdom.

This year's Top 10 is listed below.  The law school tables can be viewed here


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Birmingham, United Kingdom 58 Followers 63 Discussions
Edinburgh, United Kingdom 446 Followers 499 Discussions
Aberdeen, United Kingdom 154 Followers 247 Discussions
Oxford, United Kingdom 857 Followers 837 Discussions
London, United Kingdom 586 Followers 905 Discussions
London, United Kingdom 89 Followers 176 Discussions
London, United Kingdom 788 Followers 929 Discussions
London, United Kingdom 764 Followers 918 Discussions
Cambridge, United Kingdom 830 Followers 751 Discussions
Coventry, United Kingdom 64 Followers 118 Discussions

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